Data Cabling

The proper installation of data cabling is imperative for any successful business, institution and government network infrastructure. There are two main types of network data wiring, copper and fiber optic cabling. Centraman offers both Copper & Fiber Optic Network Data Cabling solutions. Though copper cabling is the most common type of cabling, Fiber optic data cabling allows communication signals to be transmitted much faster, at a higher bandwidth and over much greater distances than copper data cabling systems. Because light is transmitted at a much higher frequency, fiber optic data cabling offers greater signal capacity. Fiber optic cabling is smaller than copper cabling and is also less susceptible to interference, with a much lower transmission loss.

As proven experts in Network infrastructure, we're here to help you. We will ensure you have a cabling infrastructure that is exactly right for your business goals. One that fits your budget but is designed by experts for usability and reliability. Our skills and support ensure you get the best from your investment.

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