Network Infrastructure

The main goal of any business is to make profit, minimize operational costs, and to increase employee productivity. The ability to collect, transmit, store and process information is integral to these goals.

At Centraman, we have a dedicated team of Network Infrastructure Planners and Architects who have a firm operational grasp of the mordern networking technology, and whose sole mission is to ensure that your company acheives trouble-free operations through a sound network infrastructure. We will help you in making technology decisions as well as help you understand how these decisions support and affect your business goals.

Centraman Networks is the ultimate leader in providing IT and Communications Network services. Our expertise spans from project planning, project management, infrastructure design, deployment to network maintenance, monitoring and management. We also offer specialist consulting services.

At Centraman our network infrastructure policy is informed by several fundamental design goals which are:

  1. Minimize downtime through redundancy, by minimizing the number of single points of failure;
  2. Maximize network throughput and bandwidth;
  3. Set a high standard for information security;
  4. Maximize network efficiency through network integration.

In order to achieve the above goals, we follow a standard project implementation procedure which is a multilevel process made up of the following stages:

  1. Site Survey & Requirements Evaluation
  2. System Design & Device Configuration
  3. Pre-job Construction
  4. Cabling Installation
  5. Device Installation
  6. System Testing
  7. MACs (Moves, Adds & Changes)
  8. System Commissioning
  9. Uptime System Support

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