Network Security

With the ongoing fast changes in technological advancements, and increased reliance on technology, information security becomes paramount. New technologies such as converged devices, smart handhelds, embedded devices in every day durable goods are on the rise and so are security threats! To reduce the risk of revenue loss and vulnerability, Companies, governments, and organizations must guard against hackers, outsiders, and even disgruntled employees who threaten their information security, integrity and daily business operations. Therefore, every business or organization deserves a sound information security system backed by a solid information security policy.
Now, when it comes to implementing an information security strategy, it is advisable to make use of skills of an experienced consultant who can take the time to understand your organization's security policy, and can design and build a firewall architecture that best implements that policy.

Our network security experts offer highly specialized, enterprise-wide security expertise to virtually every type of networking environment. We offer our security services based on your company's security policy. As part of our value added services, we offer information on Types And Sources Of Network Threats, as well as lessons on how to mitigate them. One significant difference between Centraman and other consultants is that we work more in partnership with our clients than as advocates for our vendors. This enables us to deliver services to our clients' satisfaction as opposed to focusing on profit making.

Among our security competencies include:

  1. Select appropriate security hardware, software, and configurations based on an organization’s threat prevention and mitigation policies. Such hardware include: routers, Proxy Servers, Access Control Servers, and Firewalls
  2. Perform advanced installation, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance on firewalls and Cisco IOS