The Data Center

In many ways your Data Center (DC) is the nerve center of your company. Your data center enhances your company's ability to percieve and connect to the world, communicate with your customers and staff, store information, and develop new ideas. It is to a great extent a catalyst for growth in your company.

A DC is basically a controlled facility that safeguards your company's most valuable equipment and data. A DC houses devices that include:

  1. Web servers
  2. servers that process your customer loyalty reward systems
  3. storage devices
  4. servers that process your business transactions
  5. email servers
  6. proxy servers
  7. data security devices

Besides servers, a DC also houses the basic DC facility systems such as electrical infrastructure, cabling infrastructure, standby power, cooling systems, fire suppression systems, leak detection devices, seismic mitigation devices, data networking infrastructure, and physical security controls such as card readers and security cameras.

Our data center team will guide you through all major decisions involved in the physical design and construction of a Data Center as well as shows how to customize the environment to meet your company’s needs. We also provide instructions on how to organize and manage your Data Center effectively so downtime is minimized, troubleshooting is easier, and the room’s infrastructure is fully used. This enables your company to get more from its financial investment and delay future construction, and the associated costs, by years.

Whether you are looking to design, build, rejig, manage, support, or simply work more effectively in a server environment, Centraman Data Center Team will be there for you!!

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